Our new release, a series of minimal synth/soundtrack recordings from the Atlanta based producer Warning Light. Tapes are on the horizon, but for now you can check it out online. 

Out now on Persistentmidnight, the new Outer Gods album “Through This Unending Chasm,” which you can order HERE.

Out now on Persistentmidnight, the new Outer Gods album “Through This Unending Chasm,” which you can order HERE.

Atlanta Zinefest everyone! Spread this poster!!!

by Tracy

Atlanta Zinefest everyone! Spread this poster!!!

by Tracy

Atlanta Zinefest Catalogue!

I will have the following on sale at the Atlanta Zinefest on June 14th:

New Releases!
Warning Light “A Vast Moment” C32
High Marks “Rare Distance” C20 (on GROVL tapes)

Snowbride/Scab Queen “Split”
Anticipation “Anticipation”
Outer Gods/Unit Charge “Split”
Repeated Viewing/Warning Light “Tre Parte Omicidio OST”
Outer Gods “Beneath the Marred and Blackened Hand”
High Marks “Eli Marx”

Outer Gods “Light Dims Eternal”
Warning Light “Wild Silver”
Warning Light “Further On”
Outer Gods “Anno Metuo II”

Roman Photos “Ribcage” 7”
Roman Photos “Decline” 7”

Trembling With the Goat God Pan

Cult Classic Grotesque (my table mate) will also have a new Outer Gods cassette release!

This year we will be at Atlanta Zinefest in June! You can see more about the organization/its events at the link above. You can also sign up for their email list and keep in the know about DIY events involving literature, art, and music around Atlanta.

New release on PM! Snowbride / Scab Queen split cassette!


Our newest release, Persistentmidnight016, a split cassette between Atlanta’s Snowbride and Athens’ Scab Queen. 100 copies will be made, and the music can be downloaded at the bandcamps below.

side a:

side b:

This cassette is available at shows and through the mail at link on Snowbride’s bandcamp.

In stock at Persistentmidnight

Imprimatur casette (3 copies) $5+$1 shipping
A Laugh Forever cassette (3 copies) $5+$1 shipping
A Laugh Forever/AnAvalanche CDr (3 copies) $5+$1 shipping
Closing Doors/Dry Marks comp CDr (3 copies) $5+$1 shipping
Eli Marx cassette (5 copies) $5+$1 shipping
Southern Minds CDr (10 copies) $5+$1 shipping
Scab Queen Split cassette (15 copies) $5

Warning Light (https://warninglight.bandcamp.com)
Wild Silver CD (3 copies) $5+$1 shipping
Further On CD (6 copies) $5+$1 shipping
Tre Parte Omicidio OST cassette (10 copies) $5+$1 shipping
Blacked Out CDr (10 copies) $3+$1 shipping
Early Birds CDr (5 copies) $3+$1 shipping
New Pilgrimage/Starry Way CDr (3 copies) $3+$1 shipping


Outer Gods (https://outergods.bandcamp.com)
Anno Metuo II CDr (30 copies) $5+$1 shipping
Anno Metuo CDr (10 copies) $3+$1 shipping
Split with Unit Charge cassette (15 copies) $5+$1 shipping
Light Dims Eternal (15 copies) $6+$1 shipping
Beneath the Marred and Blackened Hand cassette (10 copies) $5+$1 shipping
Mountains Den/ Mael Medusa CDr (3 copies) $5+$1 shipping


Anticipation (http://anticipation.bandcamp.com)
Anticipation cassette (3 copies) $5+$1 shipping) 


downers. (http://downers.bandcamp.com)
Medicated Loathing cassette (1 copy) $5+$1 shipping
Plague Rhythms+Dimensional Grips CDr (3 copies) $5+$1 shipping

email at persistentmidnight@gmail.com

Ah, a mention in the Loaf. And not one, but two of our affiliated bands.

"A Vast Moment"

This is the new EP from Atlanta electronic/ambient producer, recorded around the same time as his upcoming The Lost Patterns album, soon out on DKA. “A Vast Moment” is a series of experiments, utilizing looping melodic sounds on some tracks and heavy drones on others. 

New cassette

At the end of February, we’ll be releasing a cassette split between Athens, GA’s Scab Queen and Atl’s Snowbride. More info up very soon.